Port Agency

Working with us you get efficient and effective agency services to vessels and ship's owners / charterers at any Greek port of call.

Our clients appreciate the transparency of our services and they are always sure that with Revezas Shipping Services there are no hidden costs.

In any Greek port before the ship’s arrival and after it departs, Revezas Shipping Services can manage all aspects of port agency, delivering a wealth of experience and well developed local relationships. Our professional team can resolve any unexpected issue quickly and efficiently.

Using our excellent long-term relationships with Greek Port Authorities in combination with our excellent knowledge of Port Regulations, Revezas Shipping Services can provide you a quickly and efficient turnaround.

“An efficient turnaround demands a professional pre-arrival planning”

  • Pre-arrival preparation
  • Customs entry and clearance of vessels and cargoe
  • Ordering of pilotage, mooring/unmooring and towage services for berthing and sailing
  • Keeping concerned parties fully up-dated regarding prospects and vessel’s port stay
  • Monitoring / coordinating port operations, stevedoring and cargo handling
  • Detailed, accurate and timely production of Pro-forma & final disbursement accounts
  • Post departure: documentation and settlement of final disbursement account for services rendered

Additional, our company supports many owners’ requirements, such as:

  • Crew changes
  • Cash to Master
  • Provisioning
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Crew medical
  • Bunkering
  • Fresh water & waste removal service, etc

Cargo Agency

Our excellent knowledge and long-term experience in handling all sorts of cargo, combined with our proper equipment (cranes - trucks), makes Revezas Shipping Services your first choice.
We can represent shippers / receivers as Cargo Agents for all kind of cargoes providing fully handling services

Kind of Cargoes:

  • Project Cargo (windmills, etc.)
  • Bulk Cargo (cereals, minerals, fertilizers, etc.)
  • General Cargo (pallets, big bags, etc.)

Our Services for Cargo Handling:

  • Customs Clearance
  • Port Fund / Port Authority clearance
  • Stevedores
  • Storage Facilities
  • Mobile Cranes
  • Trucks
  • Cargo Surveys

Revezas Shipping Services provides a safe / efficient handling of cargo and cost effective solutions for their customers.

Protective Agency

The main reason to appoint a Protective Agent is when the nominated agent is unfamiliar

Ship owner’s protective agency
As Protective Agent Revezas Shipping Services undertakes specific responsibilities and actions that have been either implied or expressed specifically by their principal.

Our professional team may serve as an advisor to their principal or act directly on their principal’s behalf in directing various elements of the port call, including the movements of the vessel and instructions to the Master.

When you nominate us, as Protective Agent, you ensure the protection of your vessel

  • Verification of accuracy of PDA provided by charterer's agent, negotiate better rates and suggest better alternatives
  • Confirmation of port restrictions / rules and advise accordingly
  • Checking all cargo documents and validation of SOF
  • Your eyes in the port in case of conflict or an incident happens

Charterers protective agency

Charterers needs also Revezas Shipping Services as Protective Agent to protect or supervise their interest at the port during loading / discharge progress.

As your protective agent in port, we act as your eyes and ears. So, you ensure the safety handling of your cargo.

  • Coordinate and supervise stevedores, crane operators and all involved parties, for a quick and smoothly loading / discharging
  • Checking all cargo documents and validation of SOF
  • Supervise and ensure cargo according to B/L-LOI
  • Your eyes in the port in case of conflict or an incident happens

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