Stylida Port

Stylida or Stylis Port is an ISPS public port which located on Maliakos Gulf, in Central Greece therefore facilitating the delivery of all kind cargoes everywhere in Greece with reduced transportation cost.

For entering in the port, the channel (0.5nm) is marked by pair of light buoys, in channel the maximum draft is 5.80mtrs in High Water.

The port managed by Fthiotis Port Fund (Limeniko Tameio Fthiotidas) and regulated by Stylist Port Authority.

Stylida Anchorage Area is ideal for Laid up Vessels or for Vessels that needs minor repairs or maintenance or getting provisions or for crew change. Stylida Anchorage Area provides a very safe and wide anchorage throughout the year.

Stylis port has three commercial berths with the following lengths

  • 1st pier 100,0 mtrs
  • 2nd pier 212,0 mtrs
  • 3rd pier 90,0 mtrs


Latitude: 38.90723
Longitude: 22.616655

Additional Info

  • Port latitude 38.90723
  • Port longitude 22.616655

Volos Port

Port of Volos is located in Gulf of Pagasitikos on the eastern Greek mainland and is Greece's third largest port. Is a very safe and sheltered port due to breakwater.
Volos Port managed by Volos Port Authority
Volos port has 2 commercial berths with the following lengths:
  • 1st Quay 475 x 153 x 367 m.
  • 2nd Quay 420 x 100 x 460 m.


Latitude: 39.3601102
Longitude: 22.9397802

Additional Info

  • Port latitude 39.3601102
  • Port longitude 22.9397802

Lavrio Port

LAVRIO PORT is located around 60 km from the Athens and southeast of Piraeus close to the eastern tip of the Attica Peninsula. Also, the Athens International Airport is around 35 km from Lavrio port, therefore is ideal for crew changes.

The Port of Lavrio managed by Lavrio Port Authority S.A.

The length of commercial quay is 200 mtrs and the max draft 8.50 mtrs.


Latitude: 37.708834

Longitude: 24.058004


Additional Info

  • Port latitude 37.708834
  • Port longitude 24.058004

Nafplio Port

Nafplio Port is in the Peloponnese that has expanded up the hillsides near the north end of the Argolic Gulf.

The port managed by Nafplio Port Fund (Limeniko Tameio Nafpliou). It’s a small port but very safe.

The length of commercial quay is on about 250 mtrs and the max draft 6.20 mtrs.


Latitude: 37.569873

Longitude: 22.800710


Additional Info

  • Port latitude 37.569873
  • Port longitude 22.800710

Elefsis Port


Latitude: 38.034240

Longitude: 23.541834


Additional Info

  • Port latitude 38.034240
  • Port longitude 23.541834
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